Hot Wheels 2011 Treasure Hunt - 57 Chevy

ok it's official, 57 chevy will be one of the hot wheels treasure hunt cars in year 2011.

source from t-hunted. http://t-hunted.blogspot.com/2010/09/lote-2011-nos-eua.html

some of the 2011 hot wheels car has been release in US and already make their appearance in ebay. we shall see more of it in coming near future.



Wow quite early this year.

Danny said...

It looks pretty good with those tampos. but i'm more interested in the car next to it.. :P

danielh said...

can't believe that 2011 Th is out already.
thanks for sharing!

kuku said...

py - not really a good new though cause we are still missing a couple more wave here.

danny - lol.

daniel - no problem.