Matchbox Latest Cartoon 5 Cars Set

i bought these colourful matchbox cartoon 5 cars set few days ago from tesco hypermarket.

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click on individual pic to see it in bigger size.

Batman - The Brave And The Bold

Disney - Mickey Mouse Club House

Disney - Winnie The Pooh, Peter Pan, Jungle Book, Dumbo, Lilo & Stitch

Disney - Handy Manny

Nickelodeon - Diego, Dora The Explorer, Wonder Pets, Blue's Clue, Sponge Bob

part of the reason i bought these is because my kid love to watch these cartoon series. so these cars is actually for them rather than me. plus, with 30% discount off from it's normal retail price RM44.90, i think it's worth the money. :)


Past few weeks 7E finding.

here are some of the cars that i manage to find a couple of weeks ago in 7E. notice some of those helpful 7E staff that helping me bring out the hw cars for me to choose? :p

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not a bad result for a couple of hours search in just 2 days. :)

notice the different body colour tone of these 2 custom 53 cadillac? the upper one has darker colour than the lower one.

well everytime during the hw 7E promotion, there are sure some interesting story/incident that either i experience my self or heard from the 7E staff. there are story about collector that insulting 7E staff that doesn't want to bring out the hot wheels stock, collector that trailing the delivery truck, 7E staff that claim them self as hw collector by just collecting 'green card', 7E staff that even bought the 'green card' but have no idea why he bought that 'green card' lol.

But the one that disgust me the most was this incident in this recent 7E promotion where i was told by one of the 7E staff a person that claim himself from Mattel demanded him to open the hot wheels case to do 'Price Check'. WTF.... more story about this incident in my next few post.


Hot Wheels 2010 Dark Prince Mobile!

after a few weeks searching, finally manage to locate this very elusive 2010 hot wheels batmobile. :D

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below are some of the cars that came together with this batmobile wave. there some other nice cars that came together in this wave but just bought the cars that i like.

notice the batmobile graphic colour difference on the card? the left one has lighter colour and the right one has darker colour.

now you see,

now you don't!

it feel much better to set the car loose and play with it. :p


Finally, my first hot wheels 2011 treasure hunt...

after missing the new wave in a few places here and there, finally manage catch my first hot wheels 2011 treasure hunts car - studebaker avanti.

click on below to see some of the cars that came in this wave.

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there are a lot of nice cars in this wave, but i just pickup some of the cars i like.

here is the close up pic of the treasure hunts car - studebaker avanti.

i really don't understand how mattel decide what are the cars that should appear in treasure hunt series each year. but if you ask me, this is an ugly car. lol. unless it's a super treasure hunts, i guess the next time i saw it again high chances i'll just leave it there...


My short Taiwan business trip haul - 2010/12/08

i went to Taiwan for a short business trip few days ago. see what i found in their convinient store? :p

this is the store i found the bone shaker TH. hehe.

unlike malaysia, in taiwan the convinient store that sell hot wheels is Family Mart, not 7-Eleven. however their hot wheels stock is very old and very limited (about 6 pcs per store only). their 7-Eleven store doesn't sell hot wheels but they do sell tomica. i found one tomica civic type-r in one of the 7-Eleven there. :)

then on my trip back to KL, stumble upon this in one of the toy shop in KLIA.

of so many new wave that hit our shore recently, why must it be the ford gtx1 wave again?? it can be either baja bug, 69 mustang, avanti or 58 chevy impala wave but ford gtx1?? arrrrgggggg...... so i consulted my self luckily it's not the cadillac wave. lol.

anyway i just took that super gtx1 and leave the other 4 regular gtx1 on there. so now guess how many super ford gtx1 i have?? =.=""

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so super ford gtx1 officialy over take my super classic pakard records already. now let me find another one to make it perfect 10! lol.


New wave New wave yay!

wuhuuu!!! found new wave hot wheels case!

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a lot of new and nice cars. these are some of the cars that i bought from that case.

and get prepared with my ultimate haul from that 3 cases. jeng jeng jeng!
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i bet you are thinking that it's gonna be a treasure hunt car, right? lol. well as long as you like the cars, an ultimate haul doesn't need to be treasure hunt car. this ferrari 458 italia is my most wanted 2010 basic cars. i'm so glad finally it arrived at our shore.

enjoy some pic of this red hot chili!


Still not enough eh?

number 8. ahaks! :D

don't belive me?

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see, i'm not pulling your leg. :p

if you would like to trade for one of this TH$ ford gtx1, i'm currently looking for 2010 TH$ Old Number 5.5, Ratbomb, Ganster Grin, Baja Bug and 69 Mustang. Send me an email to kuku_misc @ yahoo.com.


New wave!

new wave new wave! it's the the 58 chevy impala wave! yay!

this wave also come with green evo-x, but i was one step late...