My short Taiwan business trip haul - 2010/12/08

i went to Taiwan for a short business trip few days ago. see what i found in their convinient store? :p

this is the store i found the bone shaker TH. hehe.

unlike malaysia, in taiwan the convinient store that sell hot wheels is Family Mart, not 7-Eleven. however their hot wheels stock is very old and very limited (about 6 pcs per store only). their 7-Eleven store doesn't sell hot wheels but they do sell tomica. i found one tomica civic type-r in one of the 7-Eleven there. :)

then on my trip back to KL, stumble upon this in one of the toy shop in KLIA.

of so many new wave that hit our shore recently, why must it be the ford gtx1 wave again?? it can be either baja bug, 69 mustang, avanti or 58 chevy impala wave but ford gtx1?? arrrrgggggg...... so i consulted my self luckily it's not the cadillac wave. lol.

anyway i just took that super gtx1 and leave the other 4 regular gtx1 on there. so now guess how many super ford gtx1 i have?? =.=""

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so super ford gtx1 officialy over take my super classic pakard records already. now let me find another one to make it perfect 10! lol.


kown said...

wowww..still hav TH bone shaker there.. n no 10 TH$ GTX u must loose it..heheee.. great hauls

kuku said...

luckily is bone shaker. if qombee or ratbomb or cadillac i'll definetely leave it there. lol. we shall see what i'll do if i found no 10. :p

shaz @ kurz said...

LOL i was 2 days late!!
i went to that klia shop on 10/12 saw all cars are there except TH..hahaha

shaz @ kurz said...

btw u now have 10(TEN) $gtx!!!!
*plz dun say more than that*

kuku said...

ahaha it's just another lucky day. hehehe. pssss.... actually i have already have 12 TH$ GTX-1. :D