Kentoys XTuner - Mazda RX-7 (Grey)

another colour variation of Mazda RX-7 - Grey.

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i prefer the red compare to this grey colour. oh ya, there's are another 2 colour variations of this RX-7 - green and blue. waiting for department store sales to get em. :)


Kentoys XTuner - Mazda RX-7 (Red)

featuring today diecast car is Kentoys XTuner - Mazda RX-7 (Red). i love these 1:55 tuner cars from kentoys. they look cute and yet macho to me.

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did you wonder what is the red button at the bottom of the car?

that's to turn on the headlights and interior light in the car. :)

some background of kentoys:

"Kentoys was established in 1998, which is a Hong Kong based toy manufacturer producing both OEM & ODM items. We have 50 staff in Hong Kong mainly responsible for RND, Marketing, PPC and Administration and setting up sales/product development strategies. Our newly established plant is situated in Dongguan, China with gross area for about 450,000 sq. ft., which accommodates 3000 workers and staff and all sorts of machineries for efficient production. Besides, another 100,000 sq. ft. are reserved for the 2nd stage of development. In order to cope with the rapid changes and demands from the market, we keep on investing and developing new products on Radio Control, Battery Operated, Die-Cast/Plastic, Action Toys and Playsets. With the support of our strong RND background, more than 800 items are now ready to serve."

article extracted from http://www.11161.tradebig.com


Parcel From Japan - 26/09/2009

thank god it's friday again. been looking forward to the weekend so much so that i could take a rest and release my mind from the work in office. ok this time 2 parcels came together at the same time. what will it be? Tomica? SD figurine? Gundam? Macross? Transformers?

here is the answer.
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some SD Gundam GG series.

one of my my favourite SD is the crossbone gundam (middle top)

did you notice a cute gundam that's carrying 'school bag' at the back? imagine going to school with a bag full of weapon on your back. hehe.

hobby link japan (hlj) is a great online shop for toy/model kit that you can't find in local hobby/toy shop. once you are registered, you can start place your order immedietely. they will only charge the amount to your credit card only when they shipped the goods. you can cancel or alter your order anytime if your items is not shipped or in the middle of preparing to shipped.

however, you have to becareful with their shipping mechanism in term of what are the things you want them to ship first or what item you want to combine the shipment or what shipment method to use.

well this 2 parcels that hlj send to me is the 'victim' of the shipping mechanism. why? because they could have just combine the 2 parcels and ship together as 1 so that i can save some shipping cost. it's a long story why it end up like this. but at least i'm happy to get what i want.

oh btw, did i mention these parcel only arrive after 4 months i place the order? it's not hlj fault. it's because these item was out of stock for quite some time and only recently been reissue. well this is not the longest item i've been waiting, there's another one that i've been waiting for almost one year and just recently arrived. =.="

anyway, i'm glad these SD finally arrive and in good condition. but for the time being, they'll be just laying in the box first.


Games Workshop - Space Hulk

Games Workshop (GW) could be something that's very new to many people in Malaysia. and some might not have even heard of GW. for your info, GW is the largest tabletop fantasy and futuristic battle games company in the world. their major brand are Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and Lord Of The Ring.

in this month, GW is introducing the 3rd edition of this popular game - Space Hulk, and this year also mark the 20th anniversary since the first space hulk game been release.

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Space Hulk is a board game for 2 players, recreating the battle fought between Space Marine and Genestealers (aliens). one player command the space marines as they carried out deadly missions in the darkened corridors and rooms of the ancient space hulk, and the other commands the horde of genestealers opposing them.

this boxset is produce in limited quantity, and it's sell as 'while stock last' basis. i manage to get 1 of this boxset because of the person pre-booked earlier cancel his order. =.="

first thing that i notice when i hold on to this box set - it's HEAVY! i brought it back home, put it on the scale machine, and the result is almost 4KG! i didn't open up the box set to check the content because i wanted to keep the box sealed for now. So below are some of the content of the box set pic that i taken from GW official web site.

the main thing that attracted me to this boxset is not because of the game, but the space marine miniature that came in this box set.

space marine enemy - genestealers (aliens)

all the miniature came in this box set unpainted. sample space marines terminator that came in this box set.

some of my unpainted games workshop miniature.

a size comparison with gundam SD and gashapon.

there's a lot of info about space hulk in this month WhiteDwarf magazine (GW monthly publish magazine). infact, WhiteDwarf itself is pack with lots of information and nice picture.

the section that i like most in this magazine is the 'Eavy Metal painting masterclass, where finest painter in GW showing the tips and techniques of painting the miniature the Eavy Matel way. (Eavy Matel is an elite team of people in GW where they are consider the best among the best painter!).

below are some of the useful link.

games workshop main site

more information about space hulk

you can get GW product from Comics Mart located in Mid Valley Megamall 3rd floor (infront of California Fitness center).


Hotwheels Gotham City Crashway

bought this recently with 50% discount.

and this is the main reason i bought the track. hehe.

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got this set for RM30 from metrojaya.

i found it quite difficult to take a good photo of this batmobile. maybe because the whole car is just plain black.

my cheapo dark prince with his car. hehe.

i took away the batmobile from this set, and i replace it with this before i pass the track for my kid to play. guess what car it is?
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surprisingly this car can also run well on the track though. :D