Parcel From Japan - 26/09/2009

thank god it's friday again. been looking forward to the weekend so much so that i could take a rest and release my mind from the work in office. ok this time 2 parcels came together at the same time. what will it be? Tomica? SD figurine? Gundam? Macross? Transformers?

here is the answer.
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some SD Gundam GG series.

one of my my favourite SD is the crossbone gundam (middle top)

did you notice a cute gundam that's carrying 'school bag' at the back? imagine going to school with a bag full of weapon on your back. hehe.

hobby link japan (hlj) is a great online shop for toy/model kit that you can't find in local hobby/toy shop. once you are registered, you can start place your order immedietely. they will only charge the amount to your credit card only when they shipped the goods. you can cancel or alter your order anytime if your items is not shipped or in the middle of preparing to shipped.

however, you have to becareful with their shipping mechanism in term of what are the things you want them to ship first or what item you want to combine the shipment or what shipment method to use.

well this 2 parcels that hlj send to me is the 'victim' of the shipping mechanism. why? because they could have just combine the 2 parcels and ship together as 1 so that i can save some shipping cost. it's a long story why it end up like this. but at least i'm happy to get what i want.

oh btw, did i mention these parcel only arrive after 4 months i place the order? it's not hlj fault. it's because these item was out of stock for quite some time and only recently been reissue. well this is not the longest item i've been waiting, there's another one that i've been waiting for almost one year and just recently arrived. =.="

anyway, i'm glad these SD finally arrive and in good condition. but for the time being, they'll be just laying in the box first.


danielh said...

from this pictures shown, i think it should be figurines.
Can't wait to see the inside contents, hehe...

kuku said...

the answer is up. :)

danielh said...

whoa!!!!!!! all nice SD Gundam!!! Wing Gundam,Cross Bone, Gundam F90! my favourites....
And Gundam with 'school bag', i bet no school bully will comes near!!! LOL!