Transformer ROTF - Human Alliance Skids, Stalker Scorponok, Swerve, Jolt

the new transformer rotf wave has arrived, again. :p. i have already lost count how many wave we had here, but what i know is these are just out fresh from the oven! :D

Skids (Human Alliance)
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one of the kits that's i've been anticipating on this wave. i felt that this human alliance skids is a little bit small compare to the human alliance bumblebee and sideswipe. perhaps due to its smaller size hasbro decided to pack the arcee together in this pack?

the car has a very cool transparent headlamp which i have not seen so far in other human alliance release. the figurine that came with this pack is mikaela banes.

Stalker Scorponok (Deluxe Class)
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one of the famous (and also my favourite) decepticon make into the toy line up of transformer rotf. wuhuu! this came as a total surprise to me as i never expected deluxe class scorponok will be release again.

i love the color of this release. and i think this colour is even better than it's original desert colour in the transformer the movie appearence.

Swerve (Deluxe Class)
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here come the cousin of sideswipe, swerve. haha. swerve look identically like the sideswipe in vehicle mode. infact they also look the same in robot mode except for the head. what a 'brilliant' idea from hasbro to milk the money from the collector.

swerve red colour look a little bit dull to me. infact it does make me think for a while whether should i buy or not to buy it. lol.

i include the sideswipe pic here for comparison.

Jolt (Deluxe Class)
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jolt? who? does he appear in the rotf movie? this are the question that first came into my mind when i saw jolt. lol.

jolt doesn't get many scene in rotf movie. infact i can only remember him in only one scene, where he and rachet helping optimus prime to combine parts from jetfire. i think i need to bought the dvd and watch the movie again. haha. :p

btw, this wave came with the deluxe class red arcee bike too. sorry arcee you look too ugly in robot mode so i just have to skip you. =.="


danielh said...

wow...so many deluxe class waves here, kuku!! I prefer the silver colour swerve, looks more realistic than the red ones. Agree with you, the red colour looks dull. hehe..!


Wow indeed, I think the skids human alliance is worth it, since it comes with two vehicles.....and honestly acree is not the ugly one, its that megan fox figurine, sooo ugly, not at all like megan fox..... :)

kuku said...

daniel - yea i prefer the silver one too. but the red one is also fast dissapearing from the self...
py - haha all human figurine that came with HA set is ugly. the worst so far is the sergent than came with HA sideswipe. hehe.