Hotwheels Gotham City Crashway

bought this recently with 50% discount.

and this is the main reason i bought the track. hehe.

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got this set for RM30 from metrojaya.

i found it quite difficult to take a good photo of this batmobile. maybe because the whole car is just plain black.

my cheapo dark prince with his car. hehe.

i took away the batmobile from this set, and i replace it with this before i pass the track for my kid to play. guess what car it is?
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surprisingly this car can also run well on the track though. :D


danielh said...

nice batmobile kuku!!! and a good bargain for paying the half price.

kuku said...

thanks daniel. just wondering what will it look like if it's rubber wheels. hehehe.

danielh said...

yes, it will be definately awesome batmobile!
Imagine the sound and smell of the screeeching rubber wheels at high throttle!!! hehe....