Hotwheels Haul - 19/09/2009

i didn't see much new hotwheels wave since past 2 months. many store still stuck with stock from bagger, camaro and qombee wave. yeah all this 'thanks' to mattel stock distribution strategy... why mattel why... why are you torturing our Malaysia market... MySpace

anyway, while doing my grocery shopping today, i spotted some new wave. not the basic cars, but the monster jam. lol. being so bored with no so new basic cars wave, i decided to buy all the monster jam there. hehe.

and this is the best part:
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RM8 each!

here are the pic of individual car.
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the words read - "TOM MEENTS 2006 FREESTYPE CHAMPION"


these are painted with spectraflame.

this is the one i like most - BoneShaker.

shake baby shake. hehehe.

i wouldn't buy the boneshaker if it's the hw basic cars. suprisingly it looks very sexy and cool on those big wheels. too bad the skull emblem in front of the car is not chrome. or else it will be perfect.

it has been a busy and tension week in the office recently, and the 4 days Raya holiday came just in time. MySpace what a relief. i would like to take this opportunity to wish all our muslim friend:


if you are driving back 'balik kampung', plase drive safely. MySpace


danielh said...

nice monster haul kuku!!!!!!!!!!! i really like the bine shaker, it looks so cool!!

kuku said...
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kuku said...

thanks daniel. yea the bone shaker is sexy! just wondering whether will there be a spectraflame version or not later. :)