Maisto - Need For Speed Undercover - Nissan GT-R

need for speed undercover series car is produce by maisto and was release to our local market few month ago. there where a couple of car that release together in this series, but only this nissan gtr catches my eye.

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i like the colour combination of this car and most importantly - its wheels. infact the wheels is the main decider for me to get this car. its rubber wheel with the chrome rim was perfect match. and the thread of the wheels is almost the same as the thread of real tyre. cool! by the way, this car is 1:64 in scale.

the side back of this need for speed undercover series car is most of the car has poor paint job. i have to go through a couple of cars before i can get the one that i'm satisfied with. so make sure you pay extra attention to the car paint job if you are buying ths car series. anyway, i'm happy with my gtr now.

i'm not a big fan of need for speed games. i played the game a couple of time and after that i never want to play it anymore. lol. i prefer grand tourismo though. hehe.


danielh said...

this casting of GTR are perfect with chrome rims and rubber tyres. And it's one of my favourite japanese car.
Between need for speed games and gran turismo, i prefer the gt too and play most of the time with it.

kuku said...

i really love its rubber tyres. thinking of buying another one rip it's tyre and assemble it on other car. hehe.