Kentoys XTuner - Mazda RX-7 (Red)

featuring today diecast car is Kentoys XTuner - Mazda RX-7 (Red). i love these 1:55 tuner cars from kentoys. they look cute and yet macho to me.

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did you wonder what is the red button at the bottom of the car?

that's to turn on the headlights and interior light in the car. :)

some background of kentoys:

"Kentoys was established in 1998, which is a Hong Kong based toy manufacturer producing both OEM & ODM items. We have 50 staff in Hong Kong mainly responsible for RND, Marketing, PPC and Administration and setting up sales/product development strategies. Our newly established plant is situated in Dongguan, China with gross area for about 450,000 sq. ft., which accommodates 3000 workers and staff and all sorts of machineries for efficient production. Besides, another 100,000 sq. ft. are reserved for the 2nd stage of development. In order to cope with the rapid changes and demands from the market, we keep on investing and developing new products on Radio Control, Battery Operated, Die-Cast/Plastic, Action Toys and Playsets. With the support of our strong RND background, more than 800 items are now ready to serve."

article extracted from http://www.11161.tradebig.com


danielh said...

Very detail background info of this manufacturer.I believe many models will come in near future!
And nice photo kukubek! this Red RX7 looks cute. Something like SD version (super deformed)of the actual car, hehe...

kuku said...

yes i think is the SD look that attracted me to these cars. :) i must admit i'm very attracted to thing's that in SD form rather than actual form. :D


but you gotta admit the superdeformed exhaust pipes are awesome hehehehe

kuku said...

what you're still waiting py? hehe :D


Oh no not me......well it all depends on how much you are willing to spend on toys rihgt? hehe