Tomica Limited 0058 - Raybrig NSX (2004 JGTC)

today feature car is TL 0058 raybrig nsx.

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perhaps because i'm a shell user, i'm very attracted to any racing car which imprinted the shell logo on the car. just like the ferrari F1. :D
another particular part that i like ahout honda nsx is at the rear of the car. can you spot that cool "H" logo printed on that red rear lamp? hehe.


danielh said...

Raybrig is also one of my favourite japan JGTC, and i have this too!
Yes the H logo emlbem are locates at the rear side of the lamp are very small but very nice details. This is the accuracy and advantage of tomica limited cars produced.

Nice pictures too kuku!
keep them coming more!!

kuku said...

thanks daniel. this the is last TL JGTC for the time being until i manage to get somemore...