Hotwheels 2003 Cabbin Fever (Work Crewsers)

got this awesome truck not too long ago. it was keep carded too long till the blister started to turn yellow. lol. time to release it from its prison.

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this is my first cabbin fever truck. i've been looking for the 2009 cabbin fever but couldn't found it till today. anyway, i'm glad that i manage to obtain this 'even more harder to get' cabbin fever at very reasonable price! :D

by the way, did i mention this truck is actually a car carrier? :)

cabbin fever with its precious cargo at the back.

the score:

1. Design : 20
2. Colour/Tampo: 18
- the front part of the car it's a little bit too plain.
3. Weight : 14
- almost the whole car is made from plastic.
4. Popularity : 20
- not sure, but i guess it must be very popular.
5. Rarity : 18
- not sure, but i'm going to give it 18.

Total Score: 90%


Hotwheels 2004 Cool-One (White)

this car has been sitting in its pitty small plastic prison for 5 years. it's time to let him breath fresh air!

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i do not know the background or history of this car cause i'm just into collecting hw for about 1 year ago. but this car was like love at the first sight, the moment i saw it i told my self i must have it! lol.

notice that one of the winscreen doesn't close properly? well it's not an error but was design to be like that. and i thougth i can just flip and close it but i can't.

looking from that front angle (above pic), the first thing that i can relate it to is this - Frank The Combine (from Disney Pixar CARS movie). :D

the score:

1. Design : 20
- love the whole design of the car!
2. Colour/Tampo: 20
- simple yet nice.
3. Weight : 14
- not very heavy. mainly due to its small size and plastic base.
4. Popularity : 17
- not sure. but i guess must be very popular due to it's nice design and tampo.
5. Rarity : 15
- not sure. but i'm rate it at an estimated 15 points.

Total Score: 86%


Hotwheels Haul - 28/10/2009

nothing much, just manage to get another regular TH ford mustang and yellow DD. the TH$ still elude from me....

found some new wave of 5 cars pack. some of the 5 cars pack come with some very nice tampo cars. i'm so tempted to buy but @RM30++, i'll wait for discount first.:p anyway, i did grab that new ferarri pack though. :D


Hotwheels 2009 Ferrari California (Red)

this car sit on the top of my wanted list for 2009 hw car. yes i want this more than any other 2009 cars! it's ferarri, it's red colour, it look just perfect to me. :D

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the score:

1. Design : 20
- full marks! haha. i just love the whole outlook of this car.
2. Colour/Tampo: 16
- it's just plain red. but isn't ferrari suppose to be red?
3. Weight : 12
- this car is small and plastic base. so it score poorly in this category.
4. Popularity : 20
- disappearing from the rack very fast.
5. Rarity : 15
- each box came with 3 cars. so should be able to find it on the rack if you really determind to find it. but because it's popular, so you won't get to see it hang on the rack very long.

Total Score: 83%


Hotwheels Haul - 23/10/2009

thank god it's friday again today! it has been wave and wave of new hw restock for the past one week and it's also been a very 'fruitful' week for me. :D i was lucky again today and this time i finally get to see and hold the TH car that went missing on the other store that i got yellow DD the other day - Ford Mustang.

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this car really surprise me with its weight. for such a small size car i was expecting it to be light but it's not. well it's not as heavy as DD or 2008 funny car TH, but i think it's the heaviest 2009 TH car so far that i encounter.

notice anything wrong at the base of the car? it doesn't have the car name imprinted at the base. hmm....

next target is to hunt down the ford mustang TH$, and not for forgot the '53 chevy TH too. hopefully the lady luck will be smilling at me again in the coming weeks. :)


Hotwheels Haul - 22/10/2009

i spotted another fresh and new restock in one of the department store today. the stock that hang on the rack was so different from what i've been seeing for the past one week restock in multiple places.

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by glancing at the cars, i'm guessing it's the neet streeter wave (*i yet to see a fresh new streeter wave until today). however, i couldn't locate the streeter even though there's 72 cars in total. well i guess this is another no th car case. anyway, i still went back happily with only this few cars.

finally after months of searching, two more main target gun down. :)

but where is the reventon that suppose to came in this wave?? =.="

i've seen wave and wave of new restock in many places that i visited this week. the good thing is finally we have new restock at last. but the bad thing is different places restock with different type of wave, making collector like me to work extra hard to get all the cars that i want in these different wave....


Hotwheels Car Rating Defination

i have this idea of quantifying the value of each hotwheels car that i have so that i can give some sort of ranking to it to determine which car is the hottest among all. hence, i came out with these category to rate my hotwheels car.

1. Design
2. Colour/Tampo
3. Weight
4. Popularity
5. Rarity

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each category is rate from 1 to 20 (1 being the lowest and 20 being the highest)and the maximum score will be 100%. here are the defination that i've given to all the category:

1. Design
this cover the overall design of the car. from the shape of the car until the wheels of the car. it's my perception on overall outlook of the car.
2. Colour/Tampo
the overall colour of car, the tampo design and the painting detail on the car is cover in this category.
3. Weight
this is very straight forward. the heavier the car, the higher the score.
4. Popularity
popularity mean whether this car is highly sough among the collector. i'll rank this base on the collector feedback or haul pic that collector post in the forum. it can be determine by how fast the car will disappear from the rack but this is not an absolute answer to it. a good example is the blue colour datsun bluebird. it was very popular among the collector, but it still can be found on the rack in many places due to over supply in the market. so this car will score a good point in popularity, but not in category below.
5. Rarity
this determine by the level of difficulty for collector to obtain this car. eventhough a car might be easy for me to get but it doesn't mean the car is not rare. i'll be looking at a few factor to determine rareness. wave distribution is one, and another one is the number of pieces of that car that came in one carton box. in the case where i'm not sure the rarity, i'll just estimate the rarity.

i know some of the category are very subjective cause some people may see the thing differently. well the rating given is purely base on my own opinion and perception. it's just a guide for me to find the hottest car among the hot. :D i will create another post later to consolidate and summarise all the cars that i rate, and from there i shall find my ultimate 'hot' cars of hotwheels! :D

btw, if you have any suggestion, please feel free to leave some words in the comment section ya. :)


Hotwheels Haul - 20/10/2009

oh man this few days was so crazy, everywhere i go i see new hw restock. this is what we call when it rain, it pour! crazy.....

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still remember these cars that i haul last week? now i know what are the cars that missing from this pic.

frankly, i'm so suprise i could still see the DD hang on the rack in this particular store. so these are some cars that missing from my earlier haul of 2010 cards.

i try to find the th cards on the rack but i couldn't found any. anyway i'm not surprise. tell me which collector will leave DD on the rack but only take the th cards? get what i mean?

there are still plenty of 2010 viper, beetle bug, merc, tooligan etc cars on the racks. if you follow my blog frequently you'll know which store is this.

and this is another sighting at another store.

happy hunting! and make sure you be a 'clean' hunter.


Hotwheels 2009 Mercedes AMG CLK DTM (Blue)

got this car recently from one of the local department store. it look so cool that i can't help my self but to uncard it.

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this is the score for this hw cars (1 to 10, where 1 = lowest score)

1. Design : 16
2. Colour/Tampo: 17
4. Weight : 14
5. Popularity : 20
6. Rarity : 15
Total Score: 82%

i'll explain on the score system in my next post. :)