Hotwheels Haul - 16/10/2009

just as everybody tought the 34' ford wave is the latest wave that hit our malaysia shore, i stumble upon another totaly new wave in one of the shopping mall.

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i was just 5 minutes late, and that 5 minutes does make a lot of difference. as i was walking to the hw rack, there's another person was leaving the rack with quite a number of hw cards in his hand. so these are the left over catch from the rack.

this wave came with a few the 2010 hw cars and these are the 2. i believe there's another one 2010 cars that came in this wave - Camaro Concept, which i can't find on the rack.

some of the cars has a very nice tampo and feature that's worth a second look.

the tampo on the urbant agent is awesome! it reminded me the tatoos of New Zealand Maori people.

tooligan remided me of the 2008 carbonator. this car carry a spannar at the back of the car. i will uncard it later and see whether it can be use to lossen some nuts. lol. btw, tooligan base is metal.

well i really don't understand what strategy mattel is playing now days. qombee and bagger wave was everywhere, but the fury wave just landed in a handful of places. as people thought the fury wave was just at the beginning (or middle), then came the 34' ford wave. the 34' ford wave was just release about 2-3 weeks ealier, but now came another totally new wave....

for collector like me, it will be very hard to complete all the car that i want in this kind of short wave. it's really depend on luck what wave will land on our hunting ground. hopefully will not be qombee or bagger wave again....

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