Hotwheels Monster Jam - Answer

first of all, i would like to wish all our hindu friend a happy deepavali! been busy hunting for hw new wave recently and i almost forgot to post the answer of my hotwheels monster jam haul 3 days ago. =.="

well, here are the answer:

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Batmobile yahoo!!!

Cowboy truck.

i've been hunting for almost a year for this batmobile. luckly mattel decided to reproduce it again in this /75 series.

on top of the batmobile it says "2007 Monster Jam World Finals Racing Champion".

this truck has a very nice picture printed on the hoot.

another truck is the Jurassic Attack which i have posted in my earlier MJ haul.

and the best of all, i got all these with the 'same old price'. hehehe.



Wow congrats, thats a nice monster btmobile...I'll be looking out for that :)

kuku said...

thanks py. for you definetely will be easy to find this. infact i saw another one today but the price was more than triple i bought this. =.="