Tomica Limited 0110 - Nissan GT-R SpecV

this is the lastest TL arrive in litt tak shop recently. it was selling like hot cake and by the time i visited the shop yesterday there was only 2 units left in the store. luckily they restock again today but you better be quick before the stock finish again.

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here are the comparison pic between the gtr specv and the gtr from the 5 gtr cars boxset.

from the naked eye, there's not much significant differences. probably the most significant differences is at the wheels. The rest are just very minor. here are the differences that i manage to spot:

1. specv colour is a little bit (just a little bit) brownish compare to the normal gtr (black). Maybe 5% brown + 95% black compare to the 100% black of normal gtr.
2. specv tail light below the spoiler is painted with red. normal version is just black.
3. specv exhaust area is painted with silver. normal version is not.
4. specv spoiler is printed with carbon fiber texture patern, normal version is not.
5. specv windscreen is more transparent than the normal version. normal version wind screen is a little bit darker.

btw, litt tak has increase the price of this TL to RM29.90. i'm not sure whether it's cause by the 'reputation' of GTR or this will be the price of future TL releases as well. if this will be the price for future TL releases, i'm sure it's going to give an impact to all the TL collector out there. Hopefully this price is only for the GTR only...


danielh said...

Nice GTR pictures!!!!! Love the spec V colours.Anyway for RM29.90, i will not hesitate to buy it because this GTR are really in demand.
Just for this GTR only,hehe.

kuku said...

yea even RM29.90 it's also selling like hot cake now....

Porcupine said...

Hi kukubeh!
Really admire your Hotwheels collection!!!
Is it an expensive hobby to maintain?
How do you budget for it?

kuku said...

hi procupine thanks for visiting my blog.
expensive or not it's really depend on individual. one basic HW cars cost RM6.50, so you do the calculation.
if you have limited 'fund', just concentrade and buy the car that you like the most.
well i must say sometime hunting/collecting these small car can be very addictive. :)