Hotwheels Haul - 17/10/2009

still remember this?

i really thought this store is doom with insider, but i decided to went back to that same store yesterday and this time i stumble upon this. still seal and un-open.

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don't get me wrong, i didn't haul anything from all those boxes. instead, i only pickup the car that i want from the rack (which about 3 cases replenish).

well i did ask politely the person in charge of the toys section there whether she can allow me to look into the boxes. she told me she can only open one box for me to see because she will only open the box when she want to replenish the stock on the rack. well i think that's a very good idea cause everybody will have it's chance. so i didn't insist and persue further.

this morning i went back to the same store. the boxes still on at the same place, but the different is all 10 cases seal box has been opened but not all stock was on the rack. hmm... did i make the right decision yesterday? should i just grab those boxes and open it all without even asking the staff there?

anyway, this is my ultimate haul from the rack yesterday in this store. and this is also one of the main reason i didn't persue further to open up all the boxes there.
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ok i know you'll ask is there anymore car left on the rack. well i believe all c6r, tail dragger and DD is already gone. but there are some ferarri and gtr (not many) still on the rack as per this morning. good luck!



Great haul there kuku especially the super, yeah, no regrets ok. Just keep hunting according to you needs and your style. let the others do it their way since they will also help collectors and its also can say like their part time ricebowl. You did not do a mistake. You got what you need and you got out. Just like me when I got my super that morning, I did not go to C4 Alamanda because I felt I was already happy o I went home instead but if I did go also RG was there already.....or maybe I could be there earlier than him but its ok, I scored so I went home happy. peace.

kuku said...

thanks for your comment py, really appreciate it. well my intention is simple cause i really think it's a good idea to open the box when they want to replenish, just like C4 alamanda. anyway, i hope this wave will hit everywhere so that everyone will have their chance. :)