Hotwheels 2004 Cool-One (White)

this car has been sitting in its pitty small plastic prison for 5 years. it's time to let him breath fresh air!

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i do not know the background or history of this car cause i'm just into collecting hw for about 1 year ago. but this car was like love at the first sight, the moment i saw it i told my self i must have it! lol.

notice that one of the winscreen doesn't close properly? well it's not an error but was design to be like that. and i thougth i can just flip and close it but i can't.

looking from that front angle (above pic), the first thing that i can relate it to is this - Frank The Combine (from Disney Pixar CARS movie). :D

the score:

1. Design : 20
- love the whole design of the car!
2. Colour/Tampo: 20
- simple yet nice.
3. Weight : 14
- not very heavy. mainly due to its small size and plastic base.
4. Popularity : 17
- not sure. but i guess must be very popular due to it's nice design and tampo.
5. Rarity : 15
- not sure. but i'm rate it at an estimated 15 points.

Total Score: 86%

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