Hotwheels Haul - 11/10/2009

i went back to my hometown 2 days ago and it couldn't be a better timing. a new wave finally! yay!!

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seems like the new wave is landing at places outside from KL at the moment. hopefully more will come to KL in the comming days cause there's a lot of nice car in this wave!

and this is the ultimate haul:
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you thought it will be a TH car wouldn't you? :p who bother the TH car if you can get all these nice cars. haha. well truely and strangely this wave came without any TH car. perhaps it's the either $TH or non wave.

some note on the car in this wave:
- watch out for the C6R tampo on the car hoot. some are pretty bad tampo (peel off)
- also watch out for the yellow amazoom tampo. they are some that come with very bad tampo.
- the tail dragger is as heavy as VW fastback!

the ferrari california is one damn sexy and nice car! will uncard it to take more photo soon.


danielh said...

Nice haul kukubeh!
thanks for the info, will check the tempo on the C6R.
More pictures on california!

kuku said...

wait till this weekend. hehehe.