Hotwheels 2009 TH - 57 Plymouth Fury

one of the TH that i've been anticipating this year - 57 Plymouth Fury.

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you can easily recognise this car by the 'wing' at the rear. it has a sleek design, something that different from other american classic cars. this TH lays behind 55 Chevy in my most wanted 2009 TH list. hehe.

the width of the car is bigger than the blister, making the car can't stay properly at the bottom of the blister. seeing this i'm so tempting to release it from its 'cage' to end his suffering. i will, trust me i will. but now is not the time yet. :)

found this nice actual car pic from the net.

somehow i feel that the wheels of this TH$ is a little bit out of proportion compare to the size of the car. it will look a lot more better if the wheels are a little bit bigger. and since it's a classic car, it will even look better if it's in white walls wheels. don't you think so?


danielh said...

Wow! you have both thunt regular and super!!
Yes , agree with you. It will looks nicer in white wall wheel.

kuku said...

thanks daniel. :)