Hotwheels 2003 Cabbin Fever (Work Crewsers)

got this awesome truck not too long ago. it was keep carded too long till the blister started to turn yellow. lol. time to release it from its prison.

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this is my first cabbin fever truck. i've been looking for the 2009 cabbin fever but couldn't found it till today. anyway, i'm glad that i manage to obtain this 'even more harder to get' cabbin fever at very reasonable price! :D

by the way, did i mention this truck is actually a car carrier? :)

cabbin fever with its precious cargo at the back.

the score:

1. Design : 20
2. Colour/Tampo: 18
- the front part of the car it's a little bit too plain.
3. Weight : 14
- almost the whole car is made from plastic.
4. Popularity : 20
- not sure, but i guess it must be very popular.
5. Rarity : 18
- not sure, but i'm going to give it 18.

Total Score: 90%

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