Hotwheels Hunting Report - 03/11/2009

it has been a while since i last post a hw hunting report. well when i posted hunting report i'll share some interesting story on the particular store that i visited, and this time is TRU pavillion.

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i was on my routine pit stop after lunch and stumble upon another hw restock at TRU pavillion. i saw there was a box of hw basic car beside the counter table and from the code printed on the box i know it's ford mustang wave box. and i know it's brand new stock cause this store have not restock ford mustang wave before this.

so i ask that skinny young chap (which i think is a new recruit) at the TRU counter (where the box was laying) is there any new hotwheels stock arrive. expect the standard answer - "no, and all the new stock already hang on the rack." lol. well i have no choice but pointed to him the box laying on the floor and ask him isn't this new stock? guess what he answer? "oh that box is new but it contain old stock waiting to be transfered to another branch." i was like WT* you think i this is the first time i visited here? lol. of course i don't believe him and i can already sense something fishy. anyway, i walk to the rack and hang out for a while there, and i notice he came and peep at me and see what i'm doing. the moment i look at him he turn away and walk back to his counter.

so i walk back to him, and told him in straight face that all thoose hang on the rack are old stock and i know this box contain new stock that i want to buy. reluctantly he let me see the box, and it was what i expected - there's only 71 cards in the box. so i ask him one box should have 72 cards how come this one only 71? what that guys answered is not important, but from the way he answer me and his body language, i'm 100% sure he is the one that took the ford mustang. he didn't even dare to look at me when i ask him the question or answering me. lol.

i do not want to make a big arguement with him or accusing him, so i just took the yellow dd and gtr and pay at the counter. well at least this incident opened my eyes yet on another doom store. but looking at the bright side, at least it's 71 cards in the box and not 70. get what i mean? :D

oh btw, i only took the yellow dd and gtr. if you are looking for the other cars that came with the ford mustang wave, eg. AMG Merc DTM, 2010 Viper, tooligan, 2010 bettle bug etc, this might be the place you want to pay a visit. make sure you act fast before it dissappear from the rack.

happy hunting. :)

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