Hotwheels 2007 '65 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C (Ultra Hots Series)

i got this beauty last sunday from the flee market when i was there to trade some hotwheels cars with some forummers.

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i don't have any idea this car was from what hotwheels series when i bought it. what i know is i can't resist that thick and big rubber tyre! lol. and everytime i saw the shelby cobra, i will think of those body builder. why? because it look very muscular! don't you think so? :D

the front hoot can be opened to reveal the car engine.

this is how it look like before uncard. btw the car when i got it is already uncard.

the score:

1. Design : 18
2. Colour/Tampo: 17
- a little bit too plain.
3. Weight : 20
- this baby is one chunk of metal!
4. Popularity : 20
- not sure, but who doesn't like car with big rubber tyre? :D
5. Rarity : 18
- not sure, but i'm going to give it 18.

Total Score: 93%

1 comment:

danielh said...

nice find!! this colour are much better than the marroon red of same version.