Kotobukiya - HoiHoi-San

some little background of hoihoi-san extracted from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ichigeki_Sacchu!!_HoiHoi-san

"In the year 20XX, insects have become immune to all pesticides. To combat the rising plague of cockroaches and other household pests, the tiny, doll-like extermination androids known as "Hoihoi-san" were created. They can hunt down insects and kill them with such miniaturized weapons as minuscule machine guns and tiny combat knives. They can also (and at the same time) be treated as dolls, by dressing them up in costumes and buying accessories for them. The main robot of the anime wears a maid uniform and rabbit ears as accessories."

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below are some completed kits pic taken from http://blog.hobbystock.jp/report/2009/09/tp0211.html

eat this you roaches!

some hoihoi-san custom pic taken from http://www.figure.fm/post/en/2948/Hoihoi-san+overloads+XD.html

a video link of hoihoi-san taken from youtube. enjoy!

i place an order in hlj for this model kit the moment i saw its pic on the net even not knowing any background of this cute little girl. lol. only a handfull of hobby shop in KL bring in kotobukiya stock. so it's better for me to pay a little bit more extra to bring it in from hlj rather than miss it totally later.

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