Hotwheels 2009 Ford GT LM (Blue)

ferrari california was my most wanted car of 2009 until i saw this baby. it must be one of the most beautiful car ever made in hotwheels. everything looks just perfect to me!

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this car is full of details and the matte blue colour looks so awesome in this car.

the score:

1. Design : 20
- Perfect
2. Colour/Tampo: 20
- Excellent
3. Weight : 15
- plastic base... erm...
4. Popularity : 20
- u must be kidding! lol.
5. Rarity : 20
- each box came with 2 pieces. but it's so popular that u won't find it hang on the rack for long!

Total Score: 95%

this car will score a perfect 100% if it's not because of the weight. it feel just like the ferrari california when holding in hand. by the way, i notice some of the car came with slightly light blue colour and some slightly darker colour. variant? un-even painting? error? i'm not sure. hehe.


saruman said...

except there are no side mirrors!!

kuku said...

haha. i dun mind the side mirror. i hope they'll make this car as TH car one day. sure jual macam pisang goreng!! lol.