Hotwheels Field Report - 10/11/2009

saw some interesting things in some of the department store and hypermaket today which i think worth to mention here. below pic is one of it. hehe.

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some hypermarket restock hotwheels and matchbox stock today, and this Holiday Hot Rod 3 cars pack is one of the new stock that i saw for the first time in our local market. sorry for the blur pic... =.=" but don't worry i'm very sure soon this 3 cars pack will flooded in our market.

each pack consist of 3 cars, and it has a total of 8 different cars.
1. Cadillac Escalade
2. 65 Chevy Impala
3. Swoop Coupe
4. Chaparral II
5. Olds 442
6. Whip Creamer II
7. Austin Healey
8. Sweet 16

all these cars are not really my cup of tea, and with the selling price of RM19.90, i'll pass it for the time being.

some other sighting today are matchbox 5 cars pack is selling @RM10 !! that's a steal man. lol.

needless to say i bought all the matchbox 5 cars pack there. lol. i'll keep some of it and the other will be a perfect present to some children during x-mas time. hehe.

Jusco Maluri also restock 2 boxes of mustang wave today. except the mustang and DD, all the other nice car that came in this wave still hang nicely on the rack. this store is also one of the suspected doom store in my list before time will come for me to confirm it. oh btw this jusco also restock at quite a number of matchbox basic cars and it's selling at RM4.90 only. this is what i bought. new wave? hmm....

i think there's at least 3 boxes of matchbox cars restock and all are pour into a big bin. there are still a lot of nice car to grab there eg, icecream truck, mazda 2, mitshubishi l200, merc benz slr etc.

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