Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Saber Lily

i occationally buy some of the nendoroid series figurine from good smile company, and this is one of it - Saber Lily.

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Saber Lily is one of the character in the 'Fate/stay night' game (PC/PS2/PSP). i do not really play the game nor watching the anime, but i was attracted to this little girl cool metal armor suite and sword.

below are pic taken from good smile compay official web site: http://www.goodsmile.info/detail/eng/2499/Nendoroid+Saber+Lily.html

don't get poisoned! :p


.: Rie :. said...

wow! very nice nendo saber lily! gotta own one! :)

kuku said...

act quick before it run out of stock and out of production! :)

danielh said...

my! this saber lily looks nice, just like 3D, real 3D in life. look at her face, very nice detail and beautifully done!

Even though i'm not collecting this but i'm really impressed with your collection, kuku!!

kuku said...

thanks daniel. by now i think you can already guess that i like those things that is in SD form. :D