Hotwheels 7E Promotion - The End (27/12/2009)

today marks the end of hotwheels and matchbox promotion in 7E. thanks to 7E, this promo really make hotwheels and matchbox worth the purchase. hopefully 7E will keep this same price, or even lower than this for their future promo.

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also thanks to mattel which introduce the fire-eater and bone shaker wave during this 7E promo, allowing everybody to have the chance to get the cars that they want abundantly (sort of).

i always like the 7E promo. it's the time where everybody can have a chance to get the TH car and also other cars that usually hard to find in department store or hypermarket restock. i still remember it was last year around this time i score my first ever TH car - Hotbird, on the rack in 7E after 4 days the promotion started. hehe.

and this is my ultimate haul in the 7E promo this time around:

one of the fire-eater have gone for a trade with another TH$, and another fire-eater is going to be traded soon too...


Transfomers RPMs - Optimus Prime

first of all, i would like to wish everybody a merry christmas and a happy holiday! for those that will be on the road during these holiday, please drive carefully ya. :)

there's a new 'truck' on the block: Transformers Robot Powered Machines (RPMs) - Optimus Prime!

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got this truck not too long ago from Toy'R Us. produce by hasbro, the whole truck is made by plastic. however, i must say the design, colour and build quality of this optimus prime truck is totally awesome! i didn't even think twice to buy it even though the price is RM14.90. Infact, i'm still looking for another one! :D

i would rather not show the bottom part of the truck. lol.

on 'carded' form.

comparison between hotwheels highway hauler, both look almost the same size.

my favourite posing. lol.

i would say this truck is well worth the money even tough it's made from plastic. a little bit of touch up to the plastic part will certainly made it look even more gorgeous! howabout a wheels swap with hw real rider rubber wheels? hehehe.

there are a couple of other cars/truck that came together with this, from my memory they are bumblebee, ironhide, sideway and long haul. however only this optimus prime catches my eye at the moment. perhaps i'll get the other one later.

imagine if this where to be produced by mattel in howtwheels diecast, it will be even more hotter that the dairy delivery!


Hotwheels Speed Machines - Corvette C6R (Yellow)

i found it in the TRU today when i was on my routine walk after lunch. the new Hotwheels Speed Machines is in town!

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i know i know it's an error card, but i only notice it when brought it back to the office. so now i'm in delima whether want to uncard it or not. i have no problem uncard this car cause i'm not really a error card/car collector. but i know out there there are people that collect this kind of error so i thought might be a good idea to keep it carded so that later i can do a 1 to 1 swap with people that need this error card more than me.

the back of the card.

did i see enzo ferarri? yay!

there are total of 11 cars that release is this wave but i only bought this C6R. yes just this one car. hehe. it's not that i'm not interested on the other cars in this series, but i have learn my lesson on the ferrari racers series not to buy all the new release cars at one go. lol. i believe this wave will hit most of the stores later and who knows might even get it with discounted price? or maybe in next 7E promo? :p

oh, btw below are the 11 cars that release in this wave and the price is RM14.90 each.

- Corvette C6R
- Mitsubishi 2008 Lancer Evolution
- '06 Dodge Viper SRT10
- Ferrari California
- Porsche 911 GT-1 98
- Ferrari 599 GTB
- Audi R8
- '01 Acura NSX
- '09 Audi TTS
- Cadillac LMP
- Lamborghini Reventon


Hotwheels 2009 Ford GT LM (Zamac), Corvette Stingray Concept (Zamac)?

did you manage to find these 2 variant zamac cars in recent 7E hw restock? it was said to be even more rare than TH$!

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gotcha!! hehehe.

yes these 2 cars are one of my first ever hw custom project. just did the paint
strip and wheels swap, and it's still far from complete. but the car turn out nicely in zamac colour, so i thought take a few pic and share with you all. :)

i like this pic very much - face off!

i started some hw car custom project recently which is also my first hw car custom. all of the car is still under construction and hopefully the finish product will turn out nicely.

i'll share the pic once i completed the custom. stay tune!


Hotwheels 2008 56 Chevy Nomad (2008 Hotwheels KMART Mail In)

sorry for lack of update in my blog recently cause i've been busy with work, family and most importantly, with life. :)

today feature car is 2008 hotwheels kmart mail in - 56 chevy nomad.

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just like the shelby cobra that i bought the other day, again i bought the car without knowing what series it came from. lol. later only i found out this car is suppose to be 2008 hotwheels KMART mail in car.

you can read more about this kmart mail in promo from here -http://www.hotwheelscollectors.com/news/news.aspx?news_id=758

notice that i use the word 'suppose to be' 2008 hotwheels KMART mail in car earlier? because from the information i found on the internet, kmart mail in car is suppose to be in red line RR wheels but mine is not.

anyway, whether it's kmart mail in or not, it's still a great car added into my collection.

the score:

1. Design : 18
- not really my favourite casting.
2. Colour/Tampo: 20
- Perfect.
Weight : 19
- metal body with metal base. but does't really feel that heavy.
4. Popularity : 20
- take a wild guess? :D
5. Rarity : 20
- certainly not from the rack. hehe.

Total Score: 97%


Transfomers ROTF - Buster Optimus Prime (Takara Tomy)

my eye almost pop out when i saw this babe in one of the local hobby shop that i frequently visit. it's the new release leader class Buster Optimus Prime from Takara Tomy!

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i have heard from some other transformers collector that buster prime is a pretty one, but never that i thought it is so awesome! seriously, the quality and paint is one level up from the previous release of ROTF prime. below are comparison between the buster prime and previous release prime.

in this version, almost all (yes i really mean almost all!) of the grey plastic parts being repaint with metalic silver. even those blue and red colour looks like metalic too. you won't get the 'plasticky' feel anymore with this version compare to the previous one.

perhaps the only complain i have about this kit is prime ugly mouth. haha. wish they covered it just like the first prime release.

awesome truck mode.

perhaps my pic doesn't justify or bring out the detail or the metalic feel of this kit. but trust me this kit is so awesome that i feel want to get another one as spare to keep. hehe. even if you are not really a transformer collector, i would highly recommend you to get this babe before it's out of stock and also before the price 'kena goreng' (price jack up). after all, it's still Optimus Prime. :D


Hotwheels Haul - 04/12/2009

after the 7E hw restock not too long ago, now almost (yes i mean almost!) all of the department store in KL is restocking hw cars again since last weekend. this time is the 2010 Classic Packard TH wave. below is what i haul for the past few days.

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i wasn't lucky enough to get any TH in recently restock. most of the time the stock that came in this wave where no TH cars. but i'm still happy with what i got, especially the white ford gt lm and cute bread box truck. :)

i have a dejavu feeling where this wave is going to be like the bagger wave (that flood our market) that we seen ealier this year. reason being is this wave was the first 2010 TH car appear, (same like bagger where it's the first 2009 TH that appear in our market) and most of the case in this wave came with no TH car. and i have this feeling that mattel is going to make another distribution of this wave with a TH car in each box early next year. well let see whether i'm right or wrong later. hehe.


Transfomers ROTF - Recon Ironhide, Decepticon Bludgeon, Alliance Bumblebee

some new transformers releases from hasbro is out recently. basically this time around is the N.E.S.T Global Alliance series. believe it or not, i 'googled' and couldn't find what is the meaning of N.E.S.T. there where a lot of speculation and guessing of the meaning of it, but there is still no official answer to that.

below is what i bought.

Recon Ironhide (Voyager Class)
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one of my favourite characthers in Transformers. originally release in ROTF in grey colour, now in black color with white stripe. i prefer it without that white stripe though. this time ironhide came with additional cannon, machine gun and blades. totally commando style!

Decepticon Bludgeon (Voyager Class)
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i bought this because of it's cool robot mode - samurai with long katana. samurai worrior is one of my all time favourite character.

Alliance Bumblebee (Deluxe Class)
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i couldn't find any reason i bought this other than it's because of it is.... bumblebee. lol.

there's not much difference between this bumblebee and the first ROTF release bumblebee. below pic shown the first ROTF release bumblebee (left) and alliance bumblebee (right). can you spot the different?