Hotwheels 2009 Ford GT LM (Zamac), Corvette Stingray Concept (Zamac)?

did you manage to find these 2 variant zamac cars in recent 7E hw restock? it was said to be even more rare than TH$!

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gotcha!! hehehe.

yes these 2 cars are one of my first ever hw custom project. just did the paint
strip and wheels swap, and it's still far from complete. but the car turn out nicely in zamac colour, so i thought take a few pic and share with you all. :)

i like this pic very much - face off!

i started some hw car custom project recently which is also my first hw car custom. all of the car is still under construction and hopefully the finish product will turn out nicely.

i'll share the pic once i completed the custom. stay tune!


danielh said...

at first pictures, i thought its really zamac or error variant and was fool by the image.
As usual, very nice pictures taken and good custom too.
cant wait for the full custom.

kuku said...

hehe. thanks daniel. it won't be soon for me to complete this cause currently still working on another custom.