Hotwheels 7E Promotion - The End (27/12/2009)

today marks the end of hotwheels and matchbox promotion in 7E. thanks to 7E, this promo really make hotwheels and matchbox worth the purchase. hopefully 7E will keep this same price, or even lower than this for their future promo.

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also thanks to mattel which introduce the fire-eater and bone shaker wave during this 7E promo, allowing everybody to have the chance to get the cars that they want abundantly (sort of).

i always like the 7E promo. it's the time where everybody can have a chance to get the TH car and also other cars that usually hard to find in department store or hypermarket restock. i still remember it was last year around this time i score my first ever TH car - Hotbird, on the rack in 7E after 4 days the promotion started. hehe.

and this is my ultimate haul in the 7E promo this time around:

one of the fire-eater have gone for a trade with another TH$, and another fire-eater is going to be traded soon too...


danielh said...

congrats on the bone shaker and fire eater, both are super haul!!

kuku said...

thanks daniel. :)