Hotwheels 2007 TH$ - Nissan Skyline

i got this TH$ not too long ago through a trade from one of the forummer in LYN - Retrocruise. a very special thanks to him that allow me to be the new and proud owner of this TH$ Skyline!

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i've been looking for this TH$ skyline for quite sometime. this car is a very popular and a chase car among the hw collector in malaysia (or maybe asia) often fetching crazy price. That is also IF you can find a person want to sell it. lol. I was once asking a seller the price of this TH$ skyline and the answer is RM150!

another 2007 TH$ chapter close in my book. and one more to go to close my quest of 2007 TH$ - Enzo Ferrari

the score:

1. Design : 18
- not really my favourite casting, but it's japanese car. hehe.
2. Colour/Tampo: 20
- perfect!
3. Weight : 15
- plastic base....
4. Popularity : 20
- take a wild guess? :p
5. Rarity : 20
- you must be joking. lol

Total Score: 93%

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ahu said...

i really like both of that skyline..may i buy it from U?

reply me at