Hotwheels Haul - 17/01/2010

manage to get a glimse of the new hw wave yesterday. these are some of the cars that came in the latest hw 69 ford torino talladega wave recently. i guess i was pretty late cause some of the cars that came in this wave was no where to be found already.

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car that have tribal tampo - Sinistra and Rocket Box

car that equipt with missle - Urban Agent and Sting Rod II.

10 Camaro SS and 09 Cadillac CTS-V.

racing cars - HW Super Modified and Riley & Scott MK III

Custom 53 Cadillac, 57 Chevy Bel Air, 67 Shelby GT-500.

hopefully we'll see more restock of this wave later.


saruman said...

yup, found all of them but didn't buy them coz of the damaged cards..

kuku said...

i dun mind damage card as long as the car is in good condition. damage card can be a good reason to uncard the car. hehe.

danielh said...

i was not that lucky, not all i can find the latest. better luck next time.

btw, that bel air looks tempting!!

saruman said...

kuku: u r absolutely right!!! But actually I'm just looking for an excuse not to buy them, haha! (financial crisis!) ;)

kuku said...

@daniel - hopefully more restock will come. hehe.

@saruman - sell one of your HT and you'll have enough bullet for more than 100 pcs of HW. haha. :p

saruman said...

my HT!!! no way man eheheheh... even if I went poor I wont sell them ahahahahah ;)