Hotwheels 2010 Sinistra (Green)

Another cars that i pickup from the recent new wave - Sinistra.

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i do not normally collect this casting, but the cool tribal tampo on the car plus the matte green simply irresistible for me. hehe. maybe i will collect all the cave series car this year. hmm....

1. Design : 15
- not really my cup of tea.
2. Colour/Tampo: 20
- cool!
3. Weight : 15
- very small car, plastic base.
4. Popularity : 18
- not sure but i don't see many on the rack.
5. Rarity : 18
- the wave is still new and i'm not sure how many car will be in one box. so i'm giving it 18.

Total Score: 86%


saruman said...

yup, got 1 of that as well, very very cool!

kuku said...

aha! glad to know i'm not alone. :D

danielh said...

nice ! still looking for it.