Hotwheels 2010 Rocket Box (Red)

today feature car is the all new 2010 rocket box that came in the new hw wave which hit our local store just few days ago.

notice the background graphic of the card? some kind of place in the desert mountain.

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the logo at the back resemble the VW logo isn't it? but if you look carefully it's actually different and this one is just a letter "W". wondering what does that "W" mean...

look at the face expression, reminded me of maui people from hawaii. hehe.

some information at the back of the card.

1. Design : 20
- love it!
2. Colour/Tampo: 20
- cool!
3. Weight : 15
- very small car...
4. Popularity : 20
- not sure yet but i'm going to give it full point. hehe.
5. Rarity : 18
- the wave is still new and i'm not sure how many car will be in one box. so i'm giving it 18.

Total Score: 93%


saruman said...

Wow, cool! it has been quite a while since there are new HW cars around and this news is the most awaited news! but where the heck did you get this?? I've been looking around for the new wave these 2 days and didn't found any...

kuku said...

i got it from the least expected place of restocking new wave - 7E. hehe. but so far i only found one 7E restock this wave. i heard C4 is restocking this new wave. maybe you can try your luck there. good luck!

saruman said...

i see.. thanks for the info kuku, i'm taking my daughter to school this afternoon... seem like a good time to stop at k4! :)

saruman said...

any other cool cars besides this 1??

danielh said...

nice! infact i've visited some or almost all the 7E outlets nearby but nothing.
maybe the new stock are coming and had to wait, hehe.

saruman said...

i went to K4, yes the new wave has hit k4, lots and lotsa new nice cars.. but I was disappointed.. they put all the HW in a small clear boxes!! and they folded the carD!!! all the cards are damaged! unless u want to open it, go and get it now! i managed to get 1 super van (ambulance) which the card is not folded and 1 '57 chevy bel air (I only found 1 of that, and has a nice paint job, although the card is damaged, i grab it).

kuku said...

@saruman - i only found 2 cars in the 7E that i found this new wave. ask them still have anymore then i get the standard answer. lol. the other car i bought is the 2010 camaro concept.

@daniel - i also search through all the nearby 7E but found nothing also... this car could be sesat and get restock together in the delorean wave in 7E earlier.

kuku said...

which C4?? i also want to go!