Hotwheels 2010 Hot Tunerz 5 Cars Pack

new 5 cars pack in town? found this 5 cars pack from our local hypermarket not to long ago. to my surprise it has the toyota AE-86! this (made popular by Initial-D comic/anime) casting never re-appear in any hw line/series since it's debut in 2006 first edition.

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the 5 cars came in this series are:

1. Tantrum
2. Flight 03
3. Honda Civic Si
4. Toyota AE-86 Corolla
5. Super Tsunami

close up pic of the 3 chase cars.

i'm sure this 5 cars packs will be a popular one for hw collector here.


saruman said...

Wow! This I gotta find! very cool dude! ;)

saruman said...

somebody's gonna custom paint that AE-86 for sure!

kuku said...

yea but the price now increase to RM34.90 already. luckyly i manage to get it at RM29.90 (error price). lol. :D

danielh said...

nice find!!!!!! although the price now at RM34.90, i dont mind paying for these.

saruman said...

i dont mind either if i found them.. I think danielh is ready for the custom!!!

danielh said...

yes, saruman. i'm short of one more custom "Initial D" AE 86 stage 2 which has the black colour hood. Hopefully i can get this 5 pack soon.