Hotwheels 2010 Larry, Phil, Wayne Garage Series (B Case)

the 2nd answer to my ebay haul - Hotwheels 2010 Larry, Phil, Wayne Garage Series (B Case). notice that this cars was made in malaysia? a malaysian like me have to cross half the globe to US to get it. how ironic can this be... =.="

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6 casting, all in double. same as the slick ride series, the car came in this series are all metal body, metal base, plus real riders wheels.

School Busted. this is the main reason of me in getting this case. i love this casting the first time i saw it.

Bone Shaker. one fo the favourite among the collector.

57 Chevy

64 Lincoln Continental

69 Camaro. reminded me on my 2008 TH$ 69 Camaro.

8 Crate. hmm... some how i started to like this casting.

one set will definetely be set loose, but i'm still thinking about keeping another set uncard or sell it... hmm....


saruman said...

how much u r selling it?

kuku said...

i still undecided want to sell or not...

saruman said...

ok, just trying my luck ehehehe

danielh said...

whoa !!!!!!!! nice. I'm interested in that bone shaker. PM me if you willing to let go this one, hehe