Hotwheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series (C Case)

1st answer of my previous post - Hotwheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series (C Case)

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all the casting came with metal body, metal base and real rider tyres, a heavyweight in it's own class!

56 Flashsider

Power Panel

Custom 62 Chevy

56 Cadillac Funny Car

83 Chevy Silverado

50s Chevy Truck. one my favourite casting.

Combat Medic

Dairy Delivery. every hw collector favourite.

56 Ford

Ford Anglia Panel

i have decided to collect the slick rides series this year after my dissapointment with 2009 TH$ collection. at least i can get a peaceful mind with this compare with trying to complete the TH$ collection. plus, some casting in this series is far more pretty than some other TH$ that i have seen. and it cost much cheaper than the re-sell value of TH$!


saruman said...

very very very nice KUKU!

kuku said...

thanks saruman. :)

danielh said...

nice slick rides collection!!!!!!!

shaz @ kurz said...

WAHHH...1st purchase off ebay already major haul!!
shocked!!! LOL O_O

some more 2 boxes...another box to b revealed T_T

kuku said...

daniel- thanks.

kurz - the 2nd box is reveal. :)