Hotwheels Oversea Trade - 09/01/2009

i received a parcel yesterday. my first ever hw trade from oversea hw collector!

the goodies? hehe.

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3 regular TH which i didn't manage to get locally. the rockster didn't even make it into our local market in year 2008.

TH$ GMC Motorhome and Custom 53 Chevy.

this is a free gift from the sender!

and this is all the cars.

many thanks to Nick from Chile that traded these item to me. I only got to know him when he registered in one of our local hw collector forum. we barely just know each other like 1 weeks and the next thing i know is he already send the item to me! i'm really grateful that he really trusted me and hopefully the item that i send to him will arrive safely too.


danielh said...

Nice! from the first pictures, i see $uper thunt GMC motorhome and custom '53 Chevy. And yes, the rare rockster which are hard to find.

nice trade kuku!!


Agtreed. What a nice trade.

kuku said...

thanks daniel, py.

Valen said...

WOW...all looks dayem sui^^

when got extra must sell to me ya^^

kuku said...

thanks valen. all these no extra for sale... going to loose them later. hehe.