Hot Wheels 2010 Delivery Slick Rides Series (F Case)

another hot wheels case arrived to my door step this month - delivery slick rides F case.

updated with for more pics.

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all the cars/truck in the F case.

some of the cars/trucks in F case is repeative of E case which i have posted before so i won't be showing its individual pic again in here.

Hiway Hauler - the rarest casting in the slick rides series. only appear in the F case and only 1 pcs available. even more rare than the convoy custom. but rare doesn't mean that it's popular. hehe.

Super Van

Baja Breaker - look at those monster big and thick wheels!

Custom 69 Chevy Pick Up

Ice Cream Truck

32 Ford Sedan Delivery


More Ecto-1 and Red London Bus!

stop by a few 7E while going back to my hometown last weekend. to my surprise i saw an ecto-1 hanging on the rack.

haul from some 7E in my hometown. was really surprise to find the red london bus as well.

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been looking for the Matchbox Red London Bus (Route Master) since 2008. glad that finally i found it!

Matchbox Audi R8.

one of my favourite Matchbox casting - 2008 Lotus Evora.

well inititally i thought all of the 7E started to restock again but apparently it's not. however it's still good to stop by any 7E if you have any chance. cause you'll never know what you would find in 7E. :)


Hot Wheels Speed Machines - 2009 Nissan GT-R SpecV (Maron)

grab this in 7E recently.

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generally GTR is one of my favourite casting. but somehow i felt there is something wrong with this speed machine GTR SpecV. the wheels, colour, casting, something is just not right....

now i'm wondering why did i bought it in the first place... =.=""


The Ghostbuster Is In Town!

wuhuu!! rara rumbaba, rama ramama, gaga olala..... lol. sorry i'm toooooo happy!! :D

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yes this is another new hot wheels wave that hit our shore recently after the chevrolater wave landed in 7E just few weeks ago. this time is the chevy camaro concept wave. below are some of the cars that came in this wave.

Tooligan and Ford Mustang Funny Car

some of the cars that came in this wave are actually repeative in classic pakard, talladega and chevrolater wave. from my memory they are white ford gt lm, red 2010 camaro ss, MK III, custom beetle, blue bugatti veyron.

one the car that came in this wave is the ghostbuster ecto-1. this is one of the car that has been anticipated by many hot wheels collector this year. personally i don't really fancy the ecto-1. some people say it is heavy, but after personally hold it in my hand, the weight is just like the rest of normal hot wheels car.

the happy haul! :D

3 2010 TH$ down, 9 more to go.


Hot Wheels Speed Machines - Jaguar XJ220(Green), Ford GT LM (Cyan)

continue with my speed machines haul from 7E - Jaguar XJ220 and Ford GT LM.

Jaguar XJ220(Green)
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love that jaguar tampo on this car.

Ford GT LM (Cyan)
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this colour doesn't really suite this car imo.


Hot Wheels 2010 TH - 69 Ford Torino Talladega

Ahahahahahaha!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!

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sorry i'm too excited. :p i'm so happy that finally i manage to score this TH$ which i've been looking high and low for the past one month. ahahaha! :D i can only say - all hardwork pay off!

comparison between the TH$ with the regular TH.

it will be a sweet dream tonight! :D


Hot Wheels 7 Eleven Promotion - 01/03 to 28/03, 2010

a little bit too late to post this but anyway, yes 7 Eleven is having a promotion for hotwheels and matchbox again.

1. HW basic car : RM 5.90 (original price RM6.90)
2. MB basic car : RM 5.90 (original price RM6.90)

in this promotion also we'll see the introducing of hot wheels speed machines series into 7 Eleven stores which selling at RM14.90. plus a new hot wheels chevrolator wave as well. below are some of the cars that you can expect to find in the chevrolator wave.

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basically there are 2 wave that 7E restock - Talladega (75% of the store) and Chevrolator (25%). rumours says that some 7E restock the Olds 5.5 wave but i really doubt it. it look more like purchase from ebay rather than found in 7E. lol.

below are some closer pic of the cars that came with chevrolater wave.

my most favourite cars in this wave has to be the dodge charger stock car. not only it came with awesome colour and tampo, somehow its tampo also doesn't suffer from miss align or miss print problem that occur to most of the hw cars. it's just perfect!

another 2 awesome car that came in this wave. notice that the wheels of the car is actually transparent? this something that you do not normally see in hw cars. and the stock car look almost transparent in white. lol.

here is the TH chevrolator.

some close up pic of the TH chevrolator.

unlike the last promotion where each store receive a case of hot wheels, in this promotion each store only received 18 cards of hw basic cars. so the odd of scoring a TH is 4 times harder, and the odd of scoring a chevrolator TH is 16 times more harder... so you have to very very very lucky to score a TH$ in this 7E promotion.