Hot Wheels 2010 TH - 69 Ford Torino Talladega

Ahahahahahaha!!!!! YESSSS!!!!!

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sorry i'm too excited. :p i'm so happy that finally i manage to score this TH$ which i've been looking high and low for the past one month. ahahaha! :D i can only say - all hardwork pay off!

comparison between the TH$ with the regular TH.

it will be a sweet dream tonight! :D


saruman said...

still need to find the super...


Flawless victory kuku haha....cannot think of another hunter more deserving...congrats

danielh said...

congrats! finally you've this $uper! i'm happy for you and your hard works pays off.

kuku said...

saruman - don't give up. there are some 7E haven't got their promo stock yet.

py - thank you thank you! lady luck have not forsaken me yet. phew.... :)

daniel - thanks. i was very close to giving up hope already. hehe.