More Ecto-1 and Red London Bus!

stop by a few 7E while going back to my hometown last weekend. to my surprise i saw an ecto-1 hanging on the rack.

haul from some 7E in my hometown. was really surprise to find the red london bus as well.

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been looking for the Matchbox Red London Bus (Route Master) since 2008. glad that finally i found it!

Matchbox Audi R8.

one of my favourite Matchbox casting - 2008 Lotus Evora.

well inititally i thought all of the 7E started to restock again but apparently it's not. however it's still good to stop by any 7E if you have any chance. cause you'll never know what you would find in 7E. :)


Rafys78 said...


"Life is like a 7-Eleven,
You'll never know whacha gonna' git."

kuku said...

yea kind of. lol. :D

ronnychee96 said...

Nice haul bor!!! i yet to haul that!! Did visit many many 7-e...but..sad...sad!!

kuku said...

it's not all 7E restock bro. so far i only found restock in my hometown 7E. no restock in KL also. but dun give up. :)

shaz @ kurz said...

aiyoh! R8 also in town already???
waagh not really good timing >_>

kuku said...

don worry i believe later the matchbox will be everywhere!

danielh said...

nice ecto haul!!!
didn't expect this ecto did show up in your home town. but sadly none of these seen on 7E around klang valley.