as i was doing my normal weekend grocery shopping today, i saw this very familiar box laying on the floor. upon closer look, it's still seal and un-opened. yay!

first thing that came into my mind is could this be another ratbomb box? or is it the gangster grin wave that we've been anticipating one and half month ago? i really not sure. cause i'm very bad at remembering the hot wheels wave code. so what wave is this '998DDU'? take a guess before you see the answer below.

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taa daa!

i'm so glad it's not the ratbomb wave. phew! eventhough it's not the latest wave, i aint complaining. :D.

want to know where i hide these 2 cars this time?

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in my own closet! :p. No way i'm going to left these 2 cars behind. :D

this is my second th$ camaro and it will be used for trade later on.


More and more Rat.... 2010/06/25

my god more and more places restock with ratbomb wave. and of so many places, this is the the last place i'll expect to find the TH cards hang on the rack. can you guess where is this? hehe

no no it's not my usual 'favourite' jusco, haha. that favourite jusco of mine earlier is already history. now i found my new favourite jusco - Midvalley. lol.

did you notice anything wrong with the ratbomb? yea it's without jusco price tag. have you ever see jusco hang their hw cards without their price tag? and of so many hw cards is these 2 th cards that they didn't stick the price tag? the staff mistake? careless? i say these TH cards are the one that reserved for those 'special customer' earlier on. and why now it's on the rack? the answer is simple. just like the qombee wave that release in eary 2009, now ratbomb wave virtually flooded our market until those 'special customer' don't even feel this TH ratbomb special anymore. so this is the only time you'll find the TH cards hang on the rack in 'everybody favourite' jusco. lol.

anyway, i didn't took those ratbomb. but i hide it somewhere so that only people that visited my blog know where is it. aha! click on below to see where i hide em.

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yes i hide it behind those Gundam. lol. it's behind that gundam exia box to be precise. hehe. go and get it before the gundam fan discover the 'treasure'. :p


Hot Wheels Bat-Pod - 2010/06/19

been busy with my new job and family recently so it has been a while since i hunt for new hot wheels.... however, i do stumble upon these new wave of hot wheels batman series few days ago.

the bat-pod is one of the highly sought after item by hot wheels collector here. but some how i'm not really attracted to it. perhaps is the price? perhaps is the 'plastic-ky' look? hmm....

and still remember this photo that i took a month ago in my 'favourite' jusco?

i can't belived a month have passed and that is the only time i saw the gangster grin wave. the ratbomb wave still rules in most of the retail store at the moment and i hope the gangster grin wave doesn't end up like the Olds 5.5 wave....