as i was doing my normal weekend grocery shopping today, i saw this very familiar box laying on the floor. upon closer look, it's still seal and un-opened. yay!

first thing that came into my mind is could this be another ratbomb box? or is it the gangster grin wave that we've been anticipating one and half month ago? i really not sure. cause i'm very bad at remembering the hot wheels wave code. so what wave is this '998DDU'? take a guess before you see the answer below.

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taa daa!

i'm so glad it's not the ratbomb wave. phew! eventhough it's not the latest wave, i aint complaining. :D.

want to know where i hide these 2 cars this time?

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in my own closet! :p. No way i'm going to left these 2 cars behind. :D

this is my second th$ camaro and it will be used for trade later on.



Wow Congrats. This is one car must grab.

Actually the code is quite easey to remember

The first alphabet A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,.....determines the wave

A- ??
B- Packard
C- Torinno
H-?? etc etc

At least thats my observation la, I may be wrong :P

danielh said...

congrats on the TH$ haul!!

Danny said...

congratz on the awesome find! the TH$ camaro looks delicious... :D

kuku said...

waa very good observation there py. thanks for the tips.

daniel - thanks!

danny - yes much better than the ratbomb. :P

shaz @ kurz said...

oohhh ecto and $ are always better trade items than bom tikus..haha

kuku said...

oh yeah! hehehe.