Grrrrrrrrrrrr.....innnnnn is in da house!

move a side you all dirty rat, it's grrrrrrrrin in the house today!

what a nice scene after almost 2 month seeing the same thing hanging on the rack. it was quite a surprise for me to find this th ganster grin actually.

plus, a rare scene. hehe.

conclusion - only take these 2 cars. already bought the rest of the car that came in this gangster grin wave 2 months ago from my ex-favourite jusco. :p

let the hunt begin!


shaz @ kurz said...


kuku said...

terima kasihhhhh!

danielh said...

congrats in the GG haul!

kuku said...

thanks and congraz to you too. hehe.

ronnychee96 said...

nice catch!! Topple those gangster!! he he!!