Another new HW wave?

can somebody tell me what wave is this?

and this?

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just as i thought gangster grin wave is going to hit more to our shore later, these new cars really caught me in surprise. i have no idea what wave these new car came with. the lanser evo and ecto-1 was left hanging on the rack, but the TH car couldn't be found anywhere. very fishy...

anyway i still went home happy with the lancer evo. hehe.

the code that printed at the bottom of these new cars is "C20", which is way ahead of current gangster grin wave which is "C09".

oh ya i thought i hit jackpot when i saw this!

only later to find out that there's only 70 cards in that box. =.=""


saruman said...

wow! :0

danielh said...

nice haul! i hope to get that blue evo x soon.
70 cards in the box, which mean 2 carded missing, wonder what card is it.......

Anonymous said...

congrats on the new haul bro.. ecto 1 and evo X blue.. very nice!! where u spotted these? the 2 missing car must b t-hunt la.. wat else :P

kuku said...

saruman - that's my initial reaction also. :p

daniel - could be one super and reg th. =.="

MBclub - check out your local hypermarket. :)

ronnychee96 said...

wow!! Congratz bro!! Geting the latest wave..nice!! Especially the Evo X! Btw...i think this cadillac wave!
Keep it bro!! Hope to c u score this wave t-hunt!!

Kin said...

Hi kukuspace,
Nice to know you here and your collection.I guess you have a lot of cars till today?I also collect HW when i can find any diecast that i want in 1:43 scale either from Autoart ,Minichamps or others equivalent quality brand.
At the moment i have 2 HW which is Corvette ZR1 2009 & Mustang Shelby GT500 1968.
Feel free to visit my blog at www.autoartcruiser.blogspot.com .


kuku said...

hi bernard nice to meet you and thanks for dropping by. 95% of my cars collection are 1:64 scales and most of it are HW. i prefer 1:64 because storage space. btw i have added your blog into my blog list too. :)