Hot Hot Cars wave!

Here is my haul today, the same wave that I sported 2 weeks ago in one of the hypermarket.

There are a lot of hot and nice super cars in this wave such as:
- 2008 lancer evolution (2 pcs per case)
- lamborghini reventon (2 pcs per case)
- Lamborghini Gallardo (3 pcs per case)
- 2010 aston martin DBS (3 pcs per case)
- Nissan skyline gt-r (R34) (3 pcs per case)

Guarantee you’ll burn a hole in your wallet if you don’t control your buying. lol.

well there is actually one interesting story behind my haul today.

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I stumble upon 4 cartons of hw cases coded “KB” stacking on a pallet laying on the floor. From the glance of it, I notice all the 4 cases has been opened so I wasn’t really going to expect any TH cars anymore.

nevertheless I still open up the cases and wow this case is the exactly the same wave which I got the 2010 lancer evolution 2 weeks ago. so I just take my own sweet time to take out the car from one of the case and start to choose the cars that I like. as I was selecting the cars, here come one of the supervisor from that hypermarket (which I think is new cause I haven’t seen him before) with his gung-ho attitude. below is the conversation between me and him.

him: “you cari apa?”
me: “i cari stock hotwheels baru yang I nak beli.”
him: “you cari thunt kah?”
i was a bit stunt when i hear this. lol.
me: “ ada kereta thunt ka?”
him: “mana ada thunt, takda.”
you think i’m a kid just first day hunting? lol.
me: “macam mana boleh takda?”
him: “i dah simpan thunt tu, isteri saya jual kereta thunt tu. isteri saya kerja kat hasbro.”
deng.... there you go the confession without even any hesitation or sorry for what he has done.
me: “oh…. tak kisah la thunt ke tak. aku nak beli kereta yang aku suka je.”
then he is basically just standing beside me waiting and looking at me choosing the cars. after I finish choose the cars from the first case, then i ask him:
me: “boleh saya pilih kereta dalam satu lagi kotak tu?”
him: “tak boleh, kita kena susun dulu baru you boleh pilih”
me: “apesal tak boleh pulak? ni kan untuk jual nanti karang kan?”
him: “tak boleh, nanti lepas you pilih stock staff kita takan display kat rack lagi.”
huh? what kind of reason is this?
me: “takpe la aku pilih la kereta yang aku nak dulu, nanti kor display la yang tinggal tu”
him: “tak boleh, you kena tunggu kita display dulu”
I was like “ok you have taken the th cars, and now you don’t even allow me to buy the remaining cars? Lol.”
me: “habis tu bila you nak dispay?”
him: “you pergi bayar dulu nanti saya display.”

I proceed to take a basket to put in the cars that I have choose. when I go back to that same spot, I saw him towing away the whole pallet back into their storeroom and never come out already. Lol!

anyway, I just proceed to pay and leave that place. nowdays i’m kind of no feeling and numb to insider already… too many of them and it’s never ending… I have learned it’s more happy to hunt for the cars i like rather get angry with them. lol.

when I reach home, suddenly only i remember i should have ask him what th cars that came in this wave. dayem! maybe i should have ask him how much does his wife selling those TH cars also. lol.


kown said...

wowww..nice haul..congrats bro

hansgarage said...

because of shit like this....i don't do T-HUNTing...btw bro...pls call report that jerk to top management...company example like TRU really like this cases...

danielh said...

thats the problem when the staff inside get that TH first hand, to make matter worst, it's their intention to get it and sell it again later. What's the point of hunting the TH now, the management should put the TH for display and sell but the supervisor himself has misused his authority to satisfy his greed...a bl**dy joker.
as for my experience, hunting TH in hypermarket are getting harder and harder but i ain't complaint because as you've said..there's others more nicer and interesting car to collect other than the TH itself.

shaz @ kurz said...

awww you could have got a lot of extras..damn him..LOL..congrats!


Dayem kuku, nice story. The thunt is GTX.

kuku said...

kown - thanks bro.

hansgarage - i tried before complain but i can tell you no point complain for hypermarket bro. like one of the politician always said, these people is like 'little napolean'. with that small little 'pangkat' that have they can do whatever they want. lol. for TRU is different cause toys is their main selling items. for hypermarket toys just represent only a friction of the total items that they are selling. so normally they don't care... i'm not saying we shouldn't complaint but from my experience, it doesn't work for hypermarket....

daniel - i used to get very angry when i got to know the places with insider. but now i have learn is better be happy with the nicer regular cars that i can get. hehe.

kurz - no problem la. if not will really burn a hole in my wallet. :p

py - i just found out from forum the th is GTX. i'm so late in getting my self updated. dayem! lol.

ronnychee96 said...

still a nice catch without greenies!!!Congratz!!
Never ending stories with those bl***y insider!! just have to learn to take it easy !

kuku said...

thanks ronny.