My short oversea trip haul - 2010/07/11

i went for a short oversea business trip a couple of days ago. guess what place is this?

yea that trade mark bamboo pole and scaffolding that use in building construction and made famous by jacky chan in his stunt movie. lol.

i've been to hong kong for many times due to work. so basically i didn't went for any sighseing in this trip, but just to one place with one sole purpose - hunt for toys. hehe.

this is one type of the toy shop that you don't get to see in Malaysia. but there are so many of them in Hong Kong.

these toy gun look so real that i wonder how does the hong kong goverment control this so that it will not being use by those people with bad intention.

so take a guess what i bought from this trip?
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nah not those gun toys. i'll be hang to death by our goverment if i would to bought those toy gun back home. lol.

only bought these 2 toys. but got them at very cheap price. hehe.

first is the Alteisen from the Deformover series.

then is the Drossel from the Nendoroid series.

hong kong is actually a good place to hunt for toys, especially those toys from Japan. not only there are more variety for you to choose from many shop, the toy prices there is also generally more cheaper than malaysia. and with our strong currency currently, it will be hard to resist the temptation of 'borong' the toys home. :p


Rafys78 said...

Pergh! Airsoft! Me next fav toy.

Theres a lot of bootleg Good Smile toy, but yours look safe.

kuku said...

yes i'm aware of that. have to double check and make sure it's orignal before buying. hehe.

danielh said...

wow1 did you get some tomicas/ ebbros cars in famous mongkok street in HK? if i've not mistaken there a are a lot die-cast hobbies shop along the street and it's a collectors haven.

kuku said...

yes lots of diecast shop in one of the street in mongkok. but i didn't get any of them. kinda of bored with tomica already recently...