Hot Wheels 7 Eleven Promotion - 2010/07/26 to 2010/08/22

yes after a few months wait, the hot wheels 7E promotion is back in town. however, i only have 3 words to describe the promotion this time - Boring Boring and Boring....

i was hoping 7E to restock new basic car wave in this promotion, but instead they restock again with the old wave (chevroletor, camaro, ratbomb) that's been hit our shore many months ago... boring....

this time around, i was just covering half of the 7E that i normally go for my 7E hunting. i really don't feel like hunting this time around, the exciment is not there anymore. it's totally not worth the energy, time and petrol for me just to hunt for a TH$.

and guess what, i went back home straight the moment i found this 2 TH cars. lol.

and it's also the only 2 hotwheels basic cars that i bought in this 7E promotion restock. lol.

well on the bright side, most of the 7E outlet restock with the new and latest hotwheels speed machines wave this time. there's a lot of cool and nice speed machines cars in this new wave. i shall post them in my next post. :)

just for the record, below are the promotion price in 7E:

1. hot wheels basic cars - RM5.90 (normal price RM6.90)
2. matchbox basic cars - RM5.90 (normal price RM6.90)
2. hot wheels speed machines - RM12.90 (normal price RM14.90)

happy hunting!

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