Hotwheels Haul - 27/01/2010

after a week of hunting high and low, finally i found the cars that missing on my last week haul. phew.... :D

Super Van, Dodge Charger Drift Car and the most important one - 2010 TH 69 Ford Torrino Talladega.

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good thing must come in two. :p closer pic on the ford torino talladega.

hopefully lady luck will be with me to score an 'upgraded' version of this TH. :)



Congrats my friend.... nice scores :)

shaz @ kurz said...

hah~ thought so!!! cis cis..heheh :P

kuku said...

py - thank you thank you. :)
kuz - cis cis indeed. :p fast2 get the phone for me so that i can take POS pic. :D

danielh said...

congrats!! finally you got that torino!!!!!!

i'm still hunting that torino, hehe

kuku said...

thanks daniel. this torino doesn't come easily to me also. :)