Hotwheels Haul - 29/01/2010

stumble upon another new hw restock today, and pickup this beautiful matte blue baja breaker.

i first saw this baja breaker from other people haul in the forum, but i have almost forgotten it until i saw it today.

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suddently this struck me that i actually had never saw this baja breaker from any of my previous haul before. strange.... does this mean it's more rare than the TH? hehe.

3 matte blue colour casting that release last year, really an awesome colour in my oppinion.

oh btw, pickup another 2 of this also together with the baja breaker today. :D

however one of the blister card was damage. will be a good reason for me to uncard it later. :)



Congrats kuku, I also found one more torino just now and this baja breaker.....hmmm come to think of it, it is rare :)

by the way I already uncard one torino:)

kuku said...

tq py. and congraz to you too. i take a look at the bottom of the baja and notice it was produce in B49 and the rest of the torin wave car is B50. the baja could belong to another wave which we might have miss or haven't hit here... i hope it's the later...

danielh said...

thanks for the info, didnt knew this baja breaker was in blue matt colour.

kuku said...

you are welcome daniel. :)