Hotwheels Speed Machines - Corvette C6R (Yellow)

i found it in the TRU today when i was on my routine walk after lunch. the new Hotwheels Speed Machines is in town!

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i know i know it's an error card, but i only notice it when brought it back to the office. so now i'm in delima whether want to uncard it or not. i have no problem uncard this car cause i'm not really a error card/car collector. but i know out there there are people that collect this kind of error so i thought might be a good idea to keep it carded so that later i can do a 1 to 1 swap with people that need this error card more than me.

the back of the card.

did i see enzo ferarri? yay!

there are total of 11 cars that release is this wave but i only bought this C6R. yes just this one car. hehe. it's not that i'm not interested on the other cars in this series, but i have learn my lesson on the ferrari racers series not to buy all the new release cars at one go. lol. i believe this wave will hit most of the stores later and who knows might even get it with discounted price? or maybe in next 7E promo? :p

oh, btw below are the 11 cars that release in this wave and the price is RM14.90 each.

- Corvette C6R
- Mitsubishi 2008 Lancer Evolution
- '06 Dodge Viper SRT10
- Ferrari California
- Porsche 911 GT-1 98
- Ferrari 599 GTB
- Audi R8
- '01 Acura NSX
- '09 Audi TTS
- Cadillac LMP
- Lamborghini Reventon


Rico Rodriguez said...

this is an error car. thats a corvette c6, not a lamborghini reventon. cars with errors like that go for $20-$40 if you still have it

asyraafzailani said...

Ada lgi tak hehe